Double fly tent 505 DV

Double fly tents are mainly preferred for youth groups tent camps. They are suitable for longer use even in harsh weather conditions.
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Application areaCivil Defence, Triage, Field Hospitals, First Aid Posts, Military, Accommodation and Catering, Police/Gendarmerie, Industry and commerce, Weatherproof Shelter for Sensitive Equipment and Workshops, Promotion agencies, Party – Event, Associations & Youth groups – tent camps
Base area38,00 m²
Eaves height1,35 m
Ridge height2,36 m
Width5.43 m
Length7.00 m


Inner tent cabin made of 100% cotton fabric, entrance in front gable, window 60 x 40 cm in the back, top roof with canopy of 2.00 m and closed back gable incl.window 60 x 40 cm with exterior shutter


The frame system consists of anodized aluminium tubes, diameter 40 mm. The connectors and base plates are made of an aluminium alloy.

Wall thickness of 1.5 mm of the material AL Mg 4,5 Mn.
Yield strength: Rp0,2 = 330-340 N/mm2
Ultimate strength: Rm = 350-370 N/mm2

Peg, 20 mm diameter, hot-dip galvanised iron with top forged on, 700 g, 300 mm long
T-peg, galvanised iron, 300 mm long
Peg with hook, galvanised steel, 300 mm long