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Fibre Type of the Base Fabric DIN ISO 2076DIN ISO 2076
Tear Resistance DIN 53363DIN 53363
Temperature ranges for use-30 +70ᵒC
min. Extreme temperatures DIN EN 1876DIN EN 1876
Tensile Strength DIN EN ISO 1421DIN EN ISO 1421
Top CoatAcrylic Lacquer
Weave Style DIN ISO 9354Plain weave 1/1
Total Mass per Unit Area401 - 650 g/m2
Total Mass per Unit Area DIN EN ISO 2286-2DIN EN ISO 2286-2
Titer of Yarn DIN EN ISO 2060 Warp1100 dtex
Titer of Yarn DIN EN ISO 2060 Weft1100 dtex
Resistance to damage by flexing - DIN 53359 A100.000 x no cracks
Fibre Type of the Base FabricPES
Adhesion EN ISO 2411 Warp100 N/5cm
Colour Fastness≥7
Flame RetardantYes
Tear Resistance Warp300 N
Tear Resistance Weft300 N
Tensile Strength Warp3000 N/5cm
Tensile Strength Weft3000 N/5cm
Total Mass per Unit Area610 g/m2
Fungicide finishYes
Adhesion EN ISO 2411 Weft100 N/5cm
Base CoatPVC
Burning behaviour - Test StandardNF P 92-503 M2
Coatingboth sides
Colour - LANCO_backgrey