New Reinforced Frame for Our RDT S Tent Series

Our exoskeleton tents come in various sizes (18 m2 - 70 m2) and sidewall styles (sloped - RDT or vertical – RDT S), all with outstanding results in terms of wind and snow load resistance.

For our RDT S range (vertical sidewalls), we designed a reinforced frame to help further improve wind resistance for the tents deployed in the harshest environments. The new tests certify that out RDT S tent series can withstand winds in gusts of up to 130 km/h and snow loads of up to 50 kg/m2 with sunroof.

The anchoring for winds over 100 km/h must include: 4 guy ropes Ø10mm per arc (2 per side each of the arc) with 1 peg Ø25 x 80cm per line and 4 guy ropes to each front and rear.

See below the updated values:


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