40 RDT S 54 Exoskeleton Tents to be Delivered to the Italian Red Cross

40 RDT S 54 Exoskeleton Tents to be Delivered to the Italian Red Cross

After the successful delivery of 42 RDT S 54 exoskeleton tents to the Italian Red Cross last year, another contract for the manufacturing of a new batch of 40 exoskeleton tents was awarded to LANCO.

These tents have been chosen due to their rapid deployment, high stability and reliability in difficult conditions. Furthermore, besides having excellent resistance to environmental agents, our sturdy tents are also lightweight and provide a high level of comfort to the end-user.

Much like the tents delivered last year, the RDT S tents will be mostly deployed in areas such as railway stations or airports for rapid testing, and also as vaccination centres in key areas. Since urban deployment comes with hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt, anchoring cannot be done with pegs. Consequently, we provided calculations for the ballast necessary to enhance stability for these medium-term deployments.

The 40 RDTS 54 will be fitted with an inner liner, sunroof, lighting and electrical fixtures, HVAC, ECUs, along with all the accessories that are needed to make them operational and safe.

The end-users of the RDT S tents delivered last year are extremely satisfied with our products and happy to receive the same high-quality tents.