LANCO Group signs contract with the Lithuanian MoD

LANCO Group signs contract with the Lithuanian MoD

During military interventions, rapid deployment is essential so structures that can be easily transported, assembled, and used are of utmost importance.

Our RAPID tents are inflatable high-pressure tents that are both quickly setup and require little to no maintenance even in long-term deployments. They have reduced weight and volume compared with metal frame structures with similar size and performance, can be easily repaired in the field by unspecialized personnel, are modular, as well as very easy to clean.

The framework contract signed last month with the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense includes the delivery of 200 of such tents fully equipped with:

  • Air compressors
  • Lighting system
  • Heating equipment
  • Maintenance and repair kits

The complete systems to be delivered in the next 36 months will provide safe shelters to the Lithuanian military in any operation that demands swift intervention and/or long-term deployment.

More information about our RAPID 606 tents is available here.