Negative pressure system delivered in Slovenia

Negative pressure system delivered in Slovenia

Negative pressure systems are critical in healthcare settings, specifically for containing airborne contaminants and managing infectious diseases. When it comes to designing these systems, utilizing high-pressure tents offers significant advantages. LANCO RAPID tents equipped with a CBRN resistant inner liner, with their robust structure and small diameter air beams, ensure effective sealing and support the negative pressure effect. By integrating high-pressure tents with CBRN resistant inner liners, air filtration units and HVAC equipment designed with a filtration component into negative pressure systems, we deliver comprehensive solutions that prioritize patient well-being and enable efficient containment of airborne threats.

Last week we successfully delivered an integrated negative pressure system that aims to enhance the functionality of a field hospital. The system includes:

  • a RAPID high-pressure inflatable tent
  • CBRN resistant inner liner
  • airlock
  • negative pressure unit
  • advanced HVAC technology

The system, was, of course, supplied with a reliable compressor helping reduce the overall setup time. The negative pressure system was functional in as little as 60 minutes.  

LANCO RAPID tents offer several advantages, including their resilience to fast temperature changes, compact and sturdy air beams, and suitability for #longterm missions. Their reliability ensures optimal performance, even in demanding environments.

We take pride in contributing to the improvement of mobile healthcare infrastructure, particularly in critical situations. Our focus remains on delivering innovative solutions that enhance medical facilities and enable efficient operations.