ROFI obtains ISO 14001 Certification

ROFI obtains ISO 14001 Certification

At ROFI, our commitment to environmental responsibility has reached new heights. We are happy to announce our recent accomplishment of receiving the ISO 14001 certification, a testament to our dedication to environmental management. This certification is more than just a recognition. It symbolizes our intention to operate sustainably while fostering a work environment that prioritizes the health and safety of our employees.

The ISO 14001 certification is a globally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). It can be used by an organization that wants to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce costs. Using ISO 14001 can assure company management, employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved. It can also assist companies in meeting their environmental and economic goals.

It reflects our approach to minimizing our environmental impact, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring the responsible use of resources. This certification aligns with our corporate values, emphasizing sustainability as a pillar of our business operations.

Why ISO 14001 is so important to us:

  • Global Recognition: ISO 14001 is recognized worldwide, signifying our commitment to international environmental standards.
  • Customer Confidence: Our customers can trust that ROFI is not only delivering quality products and services but doing so with a focus on environmental responsibility.

ROFI remains dedicated to continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and enhancing our environmental management systems and workplace safety measures. Our commitment extends beyond compliance to actively contributing to a better, more sustainable future.