ROFI Tents Deployed for a Field Hospital by the ICRC

ROFI Tents Deployed for a Field Hospital by the ICRC

ROFI's Alpha Aluminum Frame tents and RAPID high-pressure inflatable tents were deployed for a field hospital at the Gaza Strip, as a result of the local ongoing conflict.  

While the shortage of hospitals in Gaza has become an alarming issue, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) together with the Norwegian Red Cross and ten other Red Cross associations have joined forces to set up a 60-bed field hospital in Rafah, the largest city in the Gaza Strip. The mobile hospital has been operational since May 9th, 2024, and can provide medical aid for roughly 200 people daily. 

ROFI’s shelter solutions perfectly fit the special requirements of the Gaza project due to their quick setup capabilities, high mobility, and minimal logistic support: 

  • RAPID is an inflatable quick setup tent, equipped with 8 bar high-pressure arches. The inflatable structure of the RAPID high-pressure inflatable tent remains stable despite the temperature fluctuations in the Palestinian city. 
  • ALPHA aluminum tents are a well-tested solution in field operations providing high comfort with minimum maintenance. It can be effortlessly divided into sections, establishing treatment and functional areas essential in a field hospital scenario. 

All in all, having multiple benefits for emergency response situations, both RAPID and ALPHA systems are a go-to when it comes to field operations. Here are some good reasons: 

  1. Rapid deployment time 
  2. Easy maintenance during field operations 
  3. Unaffected by temperature variations 
  4. Lightweight and easy to transport 
  5. Easy setup with no special tools needed 
  6. Integrated PVC flooring protecting against surface water and reptile/bugs 
  7. Natural ventilation is provided by cotton-polyester side walls and gables 

We are proud to see our projects come to life everywhere around the globe, providing shelters for people in need.