AFU 600

ROFI AFU600 provides clean filtered air and overpressure to avoid contamination.
ROFI AFU600 is an engine that filtrates the air through coal filters and measures the overpressure inside the toxic free areas inside the Colpro system. It accelerates if more pressure is necessary and is capable to provide 600m³/h of clean filtered air. Air is supplied from the AFU through a 200mm diameter hose, 5m in length. Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1~.
ROFI AFU600 has a unique audio and visual alarm system that shows you when the unit needs a filter change or some failure has occurred with the unit. This alarm system is extendable by wire to an external alarm table that can be placed inside the shelter or into a separate security unit.

  • The AFU600 is capable of being integrated for use with a wide range of different COLPRO system
  • The AFU600 can be integrated for use with most Air Conditioning Units and heaters if required
  • Quick and simple removal of the two filters housing assembly

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