Argon Tent

The ROFI Argon tent is a low pressure, lightweight soft shelter that is deployed with a minimum of logistic support and within the shortest time possible. These tents can be delivered in 3 sizes: 32m2, 42m2 and 52m2.

All Argon tents are inter-connectable and can also be connected to other shelters like containers, cars etc. in four directions. Four layer windows allow natural ventilation and curtains can be operated from both the inside and the outside. Integrated PVC anti-skid flooring protects against moisture and reptiles or bugs.

  • Low pressure structure: with overpressure valve on air tubes.
  • Fast: easy to erect with only one air filling point. 5-10 minutes setup time.
  • Simple logistics: packed in standard pallets.
  • Multiple use: Argon Plus is connectable to other tents and shelters.

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