Armadillo Demining Armour

The ROFI Armadillo demining armor provides the best protection combined with high comfort and flexibility to work freely in the mine field. The design facilitates protection for the deminers when in upright position operating the metal detector, as well as in both squatting and kneeling position during prodding. To ensure the best possible comfort, the Armadillo comes with a stand-off liner and a special ventilation channel.
ROFI Armadillo consists of a vest unit covering the upper body, shoulders and neck, and a lower protection panel that cover the abdomen, sides and groin.
The ROFI Armadillo Panty demining suit consists of a vest and panty protecting down to the knees.
The ballistic inserts of the vest can easily be removed, and the outer cover can be machine washed at 40°C.

Key features

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