Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN

ROFI Dantherm mobile heating and cooling units are specially developed and built for use by the military and relief agencies in focal points around the world. In order to secure a comfortable climate where soldiers and rescue teams work and sleep, both groups require equipment that operates flawlessly at maximum load even under extreme weather conditions. This is why the thoroughly tested and well-documented heating and cooling units from Dantherm are preferred by a considerable number of NATO forces and Non-Governmental Organizations.

The ROFI Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN ventilation units are compact, light-weight aluminium unit built into a rigid steel frame. The air conditioner is designed to operate on COLPRO applications with the evaporator module placed inside the shelter and the condenser module placed outside. The two modules are interconnected by refrigerant hoses and power cables. A dual filtration system for the internal air path is available for selective filtration.

The function of the ROFI Dantherm AC-M18 CBRN is based on a cooling circuit and two powerful fans. The evaporator section contains the evaporator and a radial fan which draws warm internal air through the cold evaporator and blows out the cooled air through the side or the top of the unit. The condenser section contains two condenser coils and a large axial fan returning the heat from the internal air to the outside.
For field hospitals where higher filtration than for normal accommodation is needed, a dual filtration system for the internal air path is available.

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