LES Tent

The ROFI LES tent is designed for both warm and cold climate, consisting of an inner compartment with integrated floor, and two triangular end sections, for use as entrance and storage compartment. To increase the comfort level when the ROFI LES tent is used as living quarters, we created 2 compartments in the main part of the tent; i.e for use as sleeping compartment and “living room”. In one of the compartments you find a chimney opening for possible installation of heater. New update on design through zip door at both ends to facilitate easy access to the inner compartments.
As a standard, our ROFI LES tent is equipped with a flysheet for additional protection against the sun. The use of the flysheet has proven to decrease the inside temperature considerably. Due to the design with integrated end sections, the tent is equally suitable for use in cold climate, the outer cover protecting the inner “compartment” in full. The outer cover is made of rip-stop high tenacity polyester, the inner liner is a blend of polyester and cotton, where polyester is more dominant.

  • High comfort
  • Tunnel shapes and spacious
  • Simple logistics involved

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