Rapid 500 Series

This product group is set up by using an inflation technology which makes the tents operational within minutes. An ideal product when rapid deployment is a vital requirement. We have developed a special Rescue tent for emergencies, often used by Emergency Response Units. We also have a line-up of larger tents, which serve as base units for many solutions. The two main categories, high- and low-pressure tent, are in standard formats available from 36 m² up to 250 m². The design allows flexibility and you may expand to a camp by connecting the tents in four directions, to containers, buildings and vehicles. Our tents are used in challenging climates and we have a comprehensive list of reference customers. We maintain more than 30 years of knowledge in textiles, PVC and in customizing the tents. Our list of 3rd party suppliers is extensive and we include their products to create the solution you need.

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