Rapid Rescue Tent

Our new inflatable tent model ROFI RAPID RESCUE is designed based on user requirements for lightweight soft shelters that may easily be deployed with a minimum of logistic support and within the shortest amount of time possible. The lightweight design makes the ROFI RAPID RESCUE tent especially suitable for rapid response units and groups that need to maintain a high mobility. The base area is 36 sqm consisting of a main compartment and end sections.

The tent is fully integrated, meaning that sidewalls, roof, gables and floor all come in one piece. The inflatable structure has highpressure tubes, making the tent unaffected by temperature fluctuations. Tent design and anchoring system provide high stability and wind resistance. The ROFI RAPID RESCUE tent is equipped with air inlet and service openings, facilitating the utilization of AC or heater. Inside the tent fitting equipment, such as lighting, boards and furniture, can be added. The 3-layer windows ventilation system further adds to the comfort level.

  • Quick set-up time (self-errecting), within 5 minutes by one person
  • Single point of inflation, by compressor or compressed air tank
  • Integrated PVC-flooring
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Simple logistics, all parts integrated
  • Simple maintenance in field operations
  • Windows allowing natural ventilation
  • Made of high quality PVC-materials
  • Yellow RAL 1016 colour (rescue colour in the EU)

ROFI is an experienced supplier of tents to UN Agencies, NGOs and defence customers, with success in introducing new tent models meeting customer requirements and changing conditions world wide.

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