Amplifier Tent – old

ROFI AMPLIFIER tent has been used in international operations throughout the last decades, performing with excellence, making the tent a preferred model in the market. Especially important is the resistance against extreme weather conditions, the easy field maintenance and the high quality proven through a life cycle of 15 years or more.

The integrated, inflatable design makes the ROFI Amplifier tent especially suitable for rapid response units and groups that need to maintain a high mobility. The structure of inflatable tents is somewhat flexible/ movable and thereby both reduce the risk of snow gathering on the tent as well as being less vulnerable to wind (the use of ropes for anchoring will, of course, increase wind resistance accordingly).

The tents interconnect to other tents using the connection flap of the doors, also used for connection to specialized containers. Interconnection is possible length- or crosswise, depending on the number of doors of the chosen model.

  • Short setup time and smple logisitcs
  • Simple assembly with minimum of manpower – by use of electrical inflator
  • Simple maintenance in field operations
  • Windows allowing natural ventilation
  • Fully integrated; sidewalls, roof, gables and floor for maximum protection
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Optional flysheet – for added insulation and sun protection


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