About LANCO Group

ROFI is part of LANCO Group GmbH. LANCO group consists of: 

LANCO - Rapid deployment shelters, decontamination systems, COLPRO, flex tanks, clear-span structures

LANCO is widely recognized for its industry-leading production of fully integrated deployable solutions, including soft walled shelters, flex tanks, and clear-span structures (CSS). Our products are currently used by defense agencies worldwide, as well as civilian governments, international organizations/agencies, and commercial customers. 

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ROFI - Personal protective equipment and ballistic protection gear: deminer vests, body armor, and aprons.

ROFI supplies some of the world’s leading demining organizations, and we are privileged to be a preferred supplier and partner of protection solutions to UN agencies, NGOs, and defense customers.

CLADIS -Tailor-made, complete infrastructure solutions for any deployment situation

Accessories for field camp systems: water management systems, environmental control units, sanitary facilities, power generation, lighting systems, etc. 

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Romanofir - The leading Romanian producer of cotton weaving threads and yarns, for home and industrial use, both mercerised and unmercerised.