Ballistic Blankets

ROFI Ballistic Blanket Kits are tailor-made protection for installation in vehicles, 4 WDs and trucks, to prevent the impact of fragments from anti-personnel mines when detonated by the vehicle. Each Kit is tailor-made for the particular vehicle model consisting of a number of Blankets protecting against fragments.

Several leading UN agencies have acknowledged the benefit from this ballistic protection system which prevents the impact from anti-personnel mines, having ROFI or one of our installation partners worldwide to install the blankets in various vehicles.

ROFI Wheel Arch Panel is designed to withstand and deflect the effects of a detonation, reducing the impact to the cabin of the vehicle.

The combination of ROFI Ballistic Blanket Kit and ROFI Wheel Arch Panel protects against all known anti-personnel blast mines. The combination is tested against DM31 mine, containing 540 g of TNT and 400 steel fragments, total weight 4 kg.

In co-operation with the Norwegian Army and NGOs specialized in dealing with land mines, ROFI carries out a continuous program to combine field experience with the latest technology to design solutions that are characterized by functionality in installation, best possible protection and low weight.