ROFI ALPHA 36 Mid Term Metal Tent

ROFI ALPHA is a well-tested solution in field operations providing high comfort with minimum maintenance, preferred by international support teams in disaster situations.
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Weight414.00 kg
Base area36.00 m²
Width6.00 m
Length6.00 m
Eaves height1.80 m
Ridge height3.00 m
Packing size2.52 m³
Weight414.00 kg

ROFI ALPHA has a modular design that allows selecting the tent sizes that suit the most applications. This tent was originally designed for warm climates, but later modified to meet cold climate conditions, as well, with temperatures ranging from – 20 to + 49˚C.

The ROFI ALPHA tent may be connected gable to gable, thus creating larger units, and may also be delivered with cross-connection units when there is a need for custom configurations.

Tent skin and flooring

The ROFI ALPHA tent is a double layer tent, for insulation against outdoor temperatures, with integrated flooring for protection against surface water, bugs and reptiles. 

  • The roof’s fabric is manufactured in PVC-coated polyester, 650 g/m2, color: white
  • The sidewalls are manufactured in cotton/ polyester, 420 g/m2, color: off-white
  • The ground sheet and ground stripe are manufactured in PVC-coated polyester, 600 g/m2, color: grey

The three-layer windows (PVC-glass, mosquito net, and roll-up shutters) allow natural ventilation, with curtains operated from the outside.


ROFI ALPHA tents have a solid framework manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel (all joints) and high-quality fabrics.

The ROFI ALPHA tent is equipped with air- inlet and service openings, enabling placement of air conditioning and heating. Inside the tent it is possible to mount equipment such as lighting and personal effects.