ROFI AMPLIFIER 13 Low-Pressure Inflatable Tent

ROFI AMPLIFIER tent is a preferred solution when high mobility, high comfort, simple logistics, resistance against extreme weather conditions and ability of building configurations are of importance.
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Weight135.00 kg
Base area13 m²
Width5.20 m
Length2.55 m
Height2.55 m
Packing size1.09 m³

ROFI AMPLIFIER tent is an inflatable semi-circular, low pressure tent designed for extreme conditions, with temperatures ranging from – 44 to + 49˚C.

The integrated, inflatable design makes the ROFI AMPLIFIER tent especially suitable for rapid response units and groups that need to maintain a high mobility, with short setup time and simple assembly with minimum manpower (by use of an electrical inflator).

The ROFI AMPLIFIER tent comes in a variety of sizes, with two or four openings. The openings are designed to interconnect without the use of a separate corridor.

Tent skin and flooring

The ROFI AMPLIFIER tent is fully integrated; sidewalls, gables, and floor, providing easy logistics and simple procedure for set-up and striking.

  • The outer cover fabric is manufactured in PVC-coated polyester, 750 g/m2 or 830 g/m2
  • The integrated floor is manufactured in PVC-coated polyester, 740 g/m2, color: grey, anti-skid

Three-layer windows allow natural ventilation, with curtains operated from the outside – PVC-glass, mosquito net, and roll-up shutter, improving the comfort level in extreme heat.


The ROFI AMPLIFIER tent’s structure is flexible/movable thus reducing the risk of snow gathering on the tent, as well as being less vulnerable against gusts of wind. The use of ropes for anchoring the tent will, of course, increase wind resistance accordingly. 

The inflatable structure may be equipped with over pressure valve in the ordinary inflation valve, as an option.

The ROFI AMPLIFIER tent is equipped with air- inlet and service openings, enabling placement of air conditioning and heating. Inside the tent there are possibilities of mounting equipment such as lighting, and personal effects. 


  • Inner liner 
  • Partition walls 
  • Sunroof
  • Connection modules for tent to tent/container/vehicle connections
  • Lighting
  • HVAC