Arms, Legs and Knees protectors

ROFI Demining Arms, Legs and Knees protectors are designed to facilitate protection for the deminer when it is required to protect the arms and legs, in addition to the body protection. The design secures the best possible comfort and protection to the user during operations.
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Ballistic SuppressionAramid fiber
Protection level STANAG 2920V50 450 m/s
Machine WashableYes
Water RepellentYes

ROFI Arm Protector covers the whole arm including hand. The hand protection has a hole for use of tools for demining. The design allows optimum shoulder mobility without reducing the protection.  

ROFI Leg Protection protects the frontal part of the leg above the knee and ankle. The ballistic inserts of the protectors are easy to remove/ replace and can be washed in a washing machine at 40oC. 

The outer cover for Arms and Legs Protectors are replaceable and water resistant, made out of PU-coated nylon, weight 230 g/m2

ROFI Knee shields are made out of hard plastic outer shell, hinged with metal rivets for ease of movement while kneeling or walking. They are easy attachable with soft elastic woven straps with reinforced sewn ends are placed well above and below knee and will not bind behind the knee. The 15 mm closed cell inner foam offers the ultimate comfort and protection.