AZM 11-6 self-erecting tent with fully inflatable frame

Primarily aimed at military use, AZM shelters are also ideal for rescue and humanitarian use. High tear resistance and tensile strength.
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Application areaCivil Defence, Military, Police/Gendarmerie
Base area248.60 m²
Width11.20 m
Length22.20 m
Eaves height4.35 m
Ridge height6 m
Weight765.00 kg

The AZM 11-6 is an inflatable, modular tent. In the length of 11,40 m, it consists of 3 sections (modules) which are connected by zippers (tent skin), locking pins (inflatable frame) and hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro, flooring). Additional central sections (module 2, center) can be added to increase the length of the tent by steps of 5,40 m up to 16.80 m, 22,20 and so on. Minimum length is 6 m and is built with front and rear module only.

Each module consists of 3 load bearing parts: first the tent skin with integrated textile flooring, second the inflatable air beams with attached inflatable spacers and third the foldable aluminum tubes as additional spacers at the longitudinal sides. The textile covering is attached to the inflatable system by means of Velcro. The modules are delivered pre-assembled, only the aluminum tubes must be fitted during erection. The modules are assembled in the field.


Inflatable tubular frame made of airtight polyester fabric (1100 g/m²) coated on both sides with PVC. Foldable aluminum tubes are used between the eaves arches.

Tent skin

The tent skin is attached to the inflatable frame by locking pins and hook-and loop fasteners to the floor.

It is made of polyester fabric (750 g/m²) PVC-coated on both sides. The fabric is flame-retardant, waterproof and rot-proof.


Flooring made of double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric (700 g/m²), color grey.

Options and accessories

  • Internal partition walls
  • Inner liner
  • Fabric according to military standards
  • Connecting and entrance modules
  • Side entrances
  • Electric inflator
  • Tent lighting
  • Tent heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Lettering