CLADIS’s New Efficient and Eco-Friendly Vacuum Sanitary System

CLADIS’s New Efficient and Eco-Friendly Vacuum Sanitary System

CLADIS’s new sanitary system is based on the reliable and resource saving vacuum technology of JETS™ used in green buildings and ships. The system can be installed either outside or inside a tent.

Main advantages:

  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Operates automatically
  • Can be connected to either tanks or public water systems
  • It is reliable and economic in terms of costs and water consumption

Once installed, the system operates automatically based on permanent vacuum in the piping system and needs very low maintenance under field use conditions. The only necessary operations are filling the freshwater tanks and emptying the wastewater ones.

The sanitary cases require no power supply, except if interior light is necessary, with an external power source. Every case has a transparent PVC roof and PVC coated side cover with a zipper door in front.

The double sink has its own heater of 2 KW and is connected to the freshwater and wastewater system of the unit. The JETS™ vacuum toilet system only uses 0.70 - 0.90 liters per flush, instead of the typical 5 - 6 liters of a normal toilet. The showers use 7 - 8 liters/min. due to the water saving shower heads.

For water supply, we can provide flexible or solid PVC/PE tanks, in case there is no public water network that the CLADIS sanitary system can be easily connected to.

Demounting is a lot more straightforward than with a normal system: after 4-5 toilet flushes the pipes are already clean and the system can be disassembled.