Innova Tent

ROFI INNOVA is a spacious tent model with a modular design. Option on cross connection modules and cross connection tent for building tent configurations.
The modular design allows for selecting the tent in sizes that suits most purposes of use. The modules are 6x3.5 m with a height at the sidewalls of 2 m, meaning full utilization of the floor area. Each section has
windows, prepared for natural ventilation. The tent has optional door solutions, air inlets and service openings. Integrated PVC- flooring protects against surface water as well as reptiles and bugs.
The tent is equipped with integrated and detachable cable ducts and air distribution hose. Use of entrance section will increase protection against bad weather conditions when entering and exiting the tent.

  • Sophisticated structure: slide-in and -out aluminum structure with profiles for multiple layers and an extremely stable shelter.
  • Smart logistics: all in various portable units in a logic and practical system.
  • Multiple use: can be used in field hospitals, complete camps and specialized purposes.
  • High comfort: a high-end solution for professional organizations and agencies.

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