Colpro Systems

The world is in transition, and the threats are escalating. To meet the new demands in the market, ROFI has developed a system that gives shelter and protection against known biological and chemical agents for up to 72 hours.
We can create a COLPRO environment in all products that are delivered by ROFI or other structures. Together with our RAPID series tents, our COLPRO system is quick and easy to set up. The system is easy to scale depending on the number of people it is intended to serve, and we will calculate the need of filtrated air dependent on the type of use of the shelter (office, accommodation etc).
To achieve the necessary overpressure inside the COLPRO system, we use our state-of-the-art Air Filtration Unit (AFU 600) that can filtrate up to 600 m³ of air per hour. And we may build our system to be able to use other air filtration units if requested, provided that the unit can supply the needed air flow based on the calculations.
ROFI COLPRO can also be delivered with a decontamination system to be integrated with the entrance for the users that might have been in contaminated areas, and are entering the Toxic Free Area. For Civil use, we can provide a light traffic system, making sure that the system is always correctly pressurized, and that the number of people entering the system is as high and effective as possible.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will tailor the system based on your needs.

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