ROFI Ballistic Blanket Kit

ROFI BALLISTIC BLANKET kits are installed underneath the original mats and behind door- and side panels.

Threats from land mines are a reality that humanitarian organizations face in their daily work. One of many precautions taken to increase the safety level for field staff is to install ballistic blanket kits in the vehicles.

In co-operation with the Norwegian Army and NGOs specialized in dealing with land mines, ROFI carries out a continuous program to combine field experience with the latest technol­ogy to design solutions that are characterized by functionality in installation, best possible protection and low weight.

  • Low weight
  • Blast diversion
  • Worldwide field installation offered
  • Soft material securing easy installation
  • Concealed protection not provoking possible hostile groups
  • Tested and proven to protect against all known anti-personnel mines

Key features

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