ROFI RAPID 504 High-Pressure Inflatable Tent

The RAPID tent has a fully integrated structure in which the side walls, roof, gable and floor form a single unit. The design and the anchoring system ensure high stability and wind resistance.
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Application areaCivil Defence, Triage, Field Hospitals, First Aid Posts, Accommodation and Catering, Police/Gendarmerie, United Nations, NGOs/Humanitarian organizations, Fire department, rescue service and aid organizations
Base area20.00 m²
Width5.00 m
Length4.00 m
Height2.70 m
Operating pressure6-8 bar
Packing size160 x 80 x 95 cm
Weight158.00 kg

The RAPID tent is a high pressure, medium weight inflatable shelter that requests a simple logistic support to deploy. Designed for extreme weather conditions, RAPID tents can be connected to each other, length and crosswise as well as to other shelters like containers or vehicles.


The inflatable structure consists of high-pressure arches inflated at 8 bar, making the tent impervious to temperature fluctuations. The optimal solution when low weight, fast deployment combined with high comfort are important factors. The tent is fully integrated, meaning that sidewalls, roof, gables and floor are welded together, and the inflatable frame is mounted. The interior can be easily divided into sections by means of partition walls, creating separate rooms or cabins.


  • Quick set-up time
  • Simple maintenance in field operations
  • Not influenced by temperature changes
  • Simple erection - no special tools required
  • Integrated PVC - flooring protecting against surface water and reptile/bugs
  • Flexible inflatable structure with high pressure arches
  • The three-layer windows allow for natural light and ventilation