Ravelin Demining Vest MKI

The Ravelin Vest is designed and field tested through use in demining programs in various climates and conditions. The design facilitates protection for the deminer when in upright position operating the metal detector, as well as in both squatting and kneeling position during prodding.
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Ballistic SuppressionAramid fiber
Protection level STANAG 2920V50 450 m/s
Weight2.25 - 3.95 kg
Sizes availableS, M, L, XL
Machine WashableYes
Water RepellentYes

The Ravelin Vest design secures the best possible comfort and protection to the user during operations. The protective clothing consists of a vest unit covering the front, abdomen, sides, shoulders, neck and back.

Key features:

  • The design allows optimum shoulder mobility without reducing the protection
  • The second collar functions as connection between the clothing and the visor and is designed to make sure that the visor protecting the face, in blast situations, is not blasted out of position
  • The lower part of the vest is designed to protect the arteries in torso and groin areas
  • The lower part of the vest has a “butterfly” design to ensure the best possible mobility, while, at the same time, protecting the arteries
  • The ballistic inserts of the vest are easy to remove/replace
  • The outer cover is water resistant, made out of PU-coated nylon, weight 230 g/m2 and can be washed in a washing machine at 40ᵒC.

The Ravelin Vest can be offered in 3 different versions:

  • Open Back strap system, OB
  • Half Protected Back, HPB
  • Protected Back, PB.