Plastic Floor Plate Evo-Floor

Plastic floor plate evo-floor 50x50cm, unpunched
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Application areaCivil Defence, Triage, Field Hospitals, First Aid Posts, Military, Decontamination and Hazardous Goods Operations, Accommodation and Catering, Police/Gendarmerie, Industry and commerce, Weatherproof Shelter for Sensitive Equipment and Workshops, United Nations, NGOs/Humanitarian organizations, Promotion agencies, Party – Event, Associations & Youth groups – tent camps, Fire department, rescue service and aid organizations
Length500 mm
Width500 mm
Height27 mm
Weight1.45 kg
Temperature ranges for use-20 to +70°C
Packing sizeeuro-pallet with 65 sqm

Displaceable plastic floor plate made of polypropylene. The plates are UV-resistant, weatherproof, insensitive to cold and heat (temperature range -20 to +70°C). This type of flooring can be laid out in all 4 directions, is accessible with forklift and lorry and it is anti-slip due to non-skid nub surface and easy to clean.

Plastic ramp and corner elements are also usable on all 4 sides.


  • Plastic floor corner element evo-floor, black
  • Plastic floor ramp element evo-floor, black